Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday update...

Change is in the air!? Well, sort of. We are now into that interim period between summer and fall. Petunia's, Dianthus, Lobelia and Calendula's have hit the availability list and our fall color offering is just around the corner.
Here's what's on the way in the mean time:
  • 4" Snapdragons...watch for these in 10-14 days
  • 4" Ornamental Cabbage & Kale...3-4 weeks away
  • 4" Herbs...more available in 7-14 days
  • 4" Lobelia-Riviera Mix, Blue Eyes & Sky Blue will be on the list this Thursday.
  • 4" Marigolds...next crop ready next week
  • 4" Impatiens...next crop in 10-14 days
  • 4" Dianthus Amazon Neon Duo & Amazon Rose Magic...ready now
  • 4" Phlox-straight colors and Cecily Mix...ready this Thursday
Stay tuned...more updates soon.